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In the last article we looked at the types that JavaScript has to offer. But what we didn’t talk about is their operators, basically what make a value act on or be acted on to produce a result. These includes but not limited to +(plus), -(minus) etc., and you might be thinking can a string type have an operator, well that answer is a resounding yes.

Note: These are not standardize(official), it is just my own way of trying to structure it.

Categories of Operator

There are three categories of operators in JavaScript

  • Binary Operator
  • Ternary Operator

These are majorly due…

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JavaScript just like any programming language has types, this is used to qualify what type of data that value is. This in itself can be useful when programming sometimes you would want to know what type a value is before an action is taken or otherwise if it is not. If you are confused it is like in the human world where there is categories for objects like furniture, clothing. You can take type to be category of a value but the value itself is like an item

There are 7 primitive types in JavaScript as at writing, they include:

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If you have been writing JavaScript for a while or you are a beginner who is starting their software development career in JavaScript must have come across these three magic keywords var, let and const. These keywords have only one job, to declare a variable in JavaScript.

What is a Variable?

A variable in its simplest of terms can be said to be a container in which a value is stored in and can be reused in the code later on. …

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